Fix MP4 File that has no Audio



MP4 is Apple's QuickTime video file format that acts as a container to store different media types like video, audio stream, animations, etc. in a single file. It uses different compression techniques to hold video & audio tracks together. These video and audio streams are synchronized with special encryption codec to play the MP4 file effectively. MP4 file can also be played on other media player such as VLC, Windows Media Player, etc. You may come access some situations where your MP4 file not playing audio but video is playing successfully. If so, you have come to right place. Here, you will get complete assistance to repair MP4 file that has no audio. You may also face problems in audio video synchronization after downloading a MP4 video. If you want to fix such issue with ease, MP4 File Repair software will be a trust-worthy application.

If you face the problem of MP4 file not playing audio on your computer, there could be plenty of reasons behind it. It usually happens after corruption of the MP4 video. To repair MP4 file having no sound in different basis, MP4 file repair application can be used as one-stop solution. It enable you to fix truncated mp4 file easily. To know about damaged MP4 file repair process check it out. Some of common scenarios where you need to fix MP4 file that has no audio are mentioned below:

Reasons Behind MP4 file corruption:

  • Improper Change of File Format: Format of any file is very essential to open it properly. Depending on its format, operating system will choose the appropriate application (media player) to play. Many times, we use some third party application to change the file format manually according to our need. If you use any ordinary tool for such conversion, the MP4 file may be corrupted and then you might need to fix MP4 file that has no audio. Well, you can easily repair MP4 file not playing audio using this reliable MP4 file fixer.
  • Opening with Improper Media Player: Usually, MP4 file is played in Quick Time media player on Mac computer. Apart from that, you can also use VLC media player, Eltima Elmedia, Windows media player, etc. to open it. But, if you try to open the video file in any unsupported media player repeatedly, it can damage the MP4 file. After that, if you try to open it with QuickTime player, it can play only video but no audio. No worry, you can easily repair MP4 file having no sound using this MP4 File Repair utility easily.

You can also come across such severe problem after editing the MP4 file improperly, infection of external threats, incomplete download, interrupted file transfer and many more. In every of these instances when you need to repair MP4 file having no sound, use this efficient application to fix this issue. This MP4 file repair application can be implemented on all versions of Mac system like Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, Mac OS X Lion, etc. to fix severly corrupted MP4 files. To know more about how to fix corrupted MP4 files on Mac, click here: This MP4 File Repair software includes an advanced repair engine. If you are getting any synchronization error attempting to open the MP4 file, make use of this application immediately. You can also use this application to fix any inaccessible and choppy MP4 video. To know more about choppy streaming MP4 video repair, visit: MP4 file not playing audio can be repaired on all popular versions of Mac & Windows operating system.

Note: It is very much essential for the users to create backup of all the vital videos and other important data so that when you face any kind of corruption scenario, then you can get your lost file back from the backup copy. Also, update the installed anti-virus software to avoid malware / virus attack on your computer.

Follow simple steps to fix MP4 file not playing audio:

Step 1: Download demo version of this Mp4 File Repair software and install it on your computer. When you run this tool, the main screen will be opened where you have to choose the unplayable MP4 file and also a healthy MP4 video in the respective location.Then click on "Repair" button on this screen to fix MP4 file that has no audio.

MP4 File Not Playing Audio - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: In this window, you can see the progress of scanning operation.

MP4 File Not Playing Audio - Scanning Process

Figure 2: Scanning Process

Step 3: Once scanning is completed, you can save that repaired vdeo in required location. Before that, you can also Preview it in this window.

MP4 File Not Playing Audio - Preview Repaired MP4 File

Figure 3: Preview Repaired MP4 File